53 weeks Of change : week 3

Hello guys! So, so far I’m still staying on track for the most part.

1. I’m still drinking water every day: some days 5 glasses, some days 6. I’m hoping to get more consistent with drinking water.

2. Reading self development book (1chapter every morning) has been consistent- and I’m really enjoying this little change. Also gives me 5-10 min every morning to focus on myself.

3. Exercise at home: I’ve been doing a quick workout (5min) every morning at home before work. I’ve been doing this every 2nd day and would like to increase to every day.

4. This week I’m going to start a gratitude journal which I’m hoping to do before bed every evening. Listing three things I was grateful for in my day. I’ve heard good things about this habit. โ˜บ๏ธ

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