My Clean Eating Journey – Week 1

I am very conscious about living my best life. So, when I recently started to feel tired (more often than what should be normal) and just generally feeling sluggish and unmotivated, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to make a change! I’m starting with food and eating habits. Welcome to my Clean Eating Journey!


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As I mentioned above, I am not looking to change my eating habits for the purpose of losing weight, but rather, to boost energy and generally feel better on a daily basis.  What has really caught my interest with the Clean Eating Lifestyle:

+ Decreasing the amounts of processed and pesticide enriched foods that I’m consuming

+ Not a diet, but rather a lifestyle

+ Learning more about how to read ingredients lists on food items.

+ Can still eat and make interesting food dishes (One thing I hate about diets, is that they are so limiting and in my opinion, not realistic for long-term).

One website I have been frequenting and have been really enjoying this past week, in order to gain more information and recipe ideas, is, which I have also linked below.  If Clean Eating is something you feel you would be interested in trying, I would highly recommend the website, it even offers meal plans!

Click here to link to

How I’m Starting

I want to take this journey slowly, and incorporate a few small changes each week.  This week I’m going to be focusing on my snacks, and ensuring that my snack foods are all either fruits, veggies & hummus etc. I will be buying as much organically as I can, sticking to buying organic for any of the Dirty Dozen, and sticking to non-organic for the Clean 15.


Where I Hope To End Up on This Journey

I really hope to end up having more energy, and feeling overall better for the short term.  I would love for this to end up going past the idea of clean eating, and to be able to eventually live cleaner as well, meaning, becoming more conscious of the products that I’m using and buying on an every-day basis. I will be posting updates and what I will be adding each week to make this change a permanent lifestyle change. I’d love for you to follow along!

I have added an amazon link below to a book that I also will be following and utilizing on this journey. I don’t expect this to be easy, nor that it will happen overnight, but I do expect that this will be an overall positive life-changing experience.

Comment below if you follow a Clean Eating Lifestyle and any tips that you may have? I’d love to hear from you.

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