You are Worthy – life lessons June 21, 2019


At the end of this week I’ve learned a few lessons,:

1. If someone has done something that bothers you, tell them, communication is important and your feelings are valid, and someone who truly cares for you will try to be understanding of that.

2. When someone passes the blame and takes drastic actions for an insignificant situation – there is a deeper problem at hand and should  be a warning sign.

3. I have such wonderful friends and family in my life who know who I am and care for me 100%. Through this all and being made to feel unloved and unworthy by one individual,  i was made to feel anything but by many. Choose your tribe wisely!(it has been reinforced this week that I have).

4. Always forgive, we all make mistakes, but if someone apologizes and is willing to take the time to try and understand, allow it, keep an open mind and heart always ♥️


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